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Mining For Answers: Random Jewelry Questions

It's our privilege as jewelers to educate our customers about the world of jewelry.
If you ever have a question about fine jewelry, worry not, we are here to help!


Q: It’s hard to get my ring over the knuckle, but then it feels too big once I do - what can I do?

For mild cases, choose the smallest ring size that will allow the ring to go over the knuckle without discomfort. Use hand cream to reduce inflammation and help slide the ring over.

For more severe cases, a jeweler can insert two small beads of precious metal (typically gold) on the inside of the ring. This approach usually results in a better fit. There is also less chance of the ring spinning on the finger.


Q: Why do people wear an engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand?

Before scientific evidence, many people believed that the vein of love (Vena Amoris) ran from the third finger of the left hand directly to the person's heart. In truth, the first and second fingers of the left hand are too active, the third finger protects the ring itself best. The left side was chosen for the ring because it is typically less active than the right hand, hence safer.


Q: What is the eyepiece tool used by jewelers when examining diamonds?

Pronounced "loop", the loupe is a magnifying tool used by jewelers over one eye to examine the small details of a diamond or gemstone.