Halo Engagement Ring Decades ago, there was a belief that you should spend three months of income on an engagement ring. However, this was pre-recession, and a very different world than our current socio-economic climate. 

So how much should you really spend on an engagement ring? Whatever you’re comfortable with! There is no set rule on what you should spend, but there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing your rung.

Once you set on your budget, it’s more important to focus on color and clarity over carat size, as something that strikes the eye with a dazzling glimmer is more impressive than a larger, less shiny stone.

If you’re also trying to be more conscious about cost, remove all options for fancier cuts or colors. A simple, gorgeous round solitaire engagement ring still says “Marry Me” as loud as an emerald cut, pear shape, or halo diamond engagement ring.

Plus, buying directly from online jewelers helps save you on the final purchase price. (Don’t forget to take advantage of seasonal deals or military discounts if you’re eligible!)

Keep in mind, National Diamond Outlet is part of your forever too; we have a lifetime upgrade policy, so you can always come back to get something different or larger.

Here’s to major savings on your diamond engagement ring!