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Diamond Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we try to answer some of the most frequent questions we are asked about diamonds.  
If you have an inquiry that is not listed below, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

Which diamond shape is the most popular?
Round Cut is by far the most popular diamond shape in jewelry. Approximately 75% of all diamonds sold, mainly for engagement rings, are Round Cut.

Which diamond shape has the best sparkle?
Because Round Cut diamonds are symmetrical, they reflect nearly all the light that enters it. The Round Cut design has been mathematically researched to produce the maximum brilliance and fire. It also reveals a beautiful assortment of rainbow colors from the diamond's natural properties.

What's the most important thing to remember when buying a diamond?
Diamond Color and Clarity are the most important C's to consider when shopping for a diamond. We advise all customers to visit our Diamond Education section to learn more about these properties before placing an order.

What's a carat? And what's the difference between carat and karat?
This is our most common question at Nat'l Diamond Outlet. A karat (with a “K”) is the unit of measurement used to determine the purity of gold (gold is a mixture of gold and other alloys). Pure gold, for example, is 24-karat (24K), 18-karat gold is 75% pure, and so on. Carat (with a “C”) is a term used to measure the weight of a diamond, i.e. 1 carat, 2 carat, and so on.

How much does a carat weigh?
Based on the industry standard established by the International Committee on Weights & Measures, the weight of a 1 carat diamond is equal to 200 milligrams or one-fifth of a gram.

What are diamond inclusions?
Inclusions are tiny "birthmarks" inside gemstones that make every diamond unique. They refer to any mineral or crystal trapped within the diamond. Nearly all diamonds discovered, even those of the highest quality, have some inclusions.

Can a diamond be scratched?
Yes, but only with another diamond. Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man and are nearly 100 times more resistant to scratching than the next hardest known material.

If I hit my diamond against something, will it crack or break?
Even though diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, they can still be damaged if struck hard and against the grain. A strike against the grain of a diamond can cause it to crack, chip, split, or even shatter.

Does your jewelry use "Conflict" or "Blood" diamonds?
Nat'l Diamond Outlet sources its diamonds and gemstones from the world's best and most respected diamond suppliers who guarantee their diamonds are from sources free from conflict.



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