National Diamond Outlet

Conflict-Free Diamonds

National Diamond Outlet has a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds (also known as "blood diamonds") and is a proud member of the Stop Blood Diamonds Organization. Our ethically sourced diamond and gemstone inventory pass strict internal policies and the external measures of the Kimberley Process.

What are Conflict Diamonds?

Conflict diamonds or "blood diamonds" are diamonds produced from war zones and traded to finance an insurgency, an invading army's war efforts, or a warlord's enterprise. 


The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was established to certify the origin of rough diamonds from origins known to be conflict-free. First adopted by southern African diamond producing nations in 2000, the installed guidelines for the KPCS were later adopted by the United Nations. The process entails tracking diamonds from the origin and throughout distribution. Polished diamonds sold in the United States must adhere to the Patriot Act, which requires that every US dealer maintains Kimberley compliance, or be subject to penalties from Homeland Security, the US Justice Department, and the US Treasury.


Conflict-Free Diamonds




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